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TASMOTA is software inside smart home devices, such as smart LED bulbs, sockets with consumption measurement, relays, or wall switches.


TASMOTA is open source. This means that it is free software developed by a community of developers. Many smart home devices can use TASMOTA because they contain the ESP8266 chip. In that case, you can flash the software from the manufacturer and use TASMOT. But why do it? You can directly buy a device with already loaded TASMOTA from the manufacturer.




thumb_up All products from us are with TASMOTA!

  • Really: all products in our shop are exclusively with TASMOTA software from the manufacturer!
  • No need to flash (change firmware) anymore!
  • You don't need to debug the TASMOT settings, the manufacturer did it for you.

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Who is the creator?

Theo Arends started developing the first versions of TASMOT in 2016.

Since then, a large community of developers has been formed, who continue to develop under his leadership. The project is still alive and developing.


TASMOTA developer community site:


As sellers of products with TASMOTA, we have decided to support the project permanently. From each piece sold, we will send a small amount to support development.


Will you also support TASMOTA?





  • You don't need remote servers, it's safe
  • can be integrated into MQTT
  • has a web interface
  • can be controlled using HTTP (web communication)
  • has built-in timers (a big advantage for a light bulb, for example)
  • it is flexible and extensible
  • large community





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